bquest – business and executive coaching and consultancy

Develop your business strategy

Develop your strategic management capabilities; establish the right direction for sustainable success:

  • Assess your resources and capabilities, identify opportunities for growth, understand the critical success factors needed for success, and set out the values, needs and goals of owners & management
  • Identify strategic options, adapt your business model if necessary, and establish the key strategies for the future to ‘get from here to there’
  • Turn those strategies into concrete action plans; get everyone on board

Make change work

All change involves learning to perform effectively in new and uncertain situations. We guide you in organisational development and complex ‘soft’ change, for example when you want to enhance your:

  • work culture
  • business practices
  • organisation re-structuring
  • acquisition and mergers
  • management team working
  • business direction
  • agility and capabilities
  • business network, partnerships and strategic alliances

Personal development for individuals & teams; resolving those tricky ‘people issues’.

We use advanced executive coaching methods to develop employees, for example when:

  • An employee has a ‘problem’ which is limiting their performance
  • An employee is promoted to a new job and must adapt to meet their new responsibilities
  • Talented new people are employed who must be nurtured to fulfil their potential
  • An employee has to make critical career choices
  • Management needs a confidential facilitator to discuss key issues objectively
  • Family succession planning…….. any many more ‘people issues’