Common business growth and employee development needs

When we begin the bquest system with clients we initially spend time on understanding the company’s needs and priorities.

We use a strucutured approach based on understanding the company’s business model, what the market will pay for, and what the owners and top management really want for themselves. We can then look at the company’s capabilities and resources, and then identify gaps.

We have met a lot of companies recently, all young, small service companies. I thought it might be interesting to summarise the typical priority development needs we identified in the initial ‘diagnosis’:

  • Develop a more sophisticated approach to pricing for profit.
  • Be more creative in looking for opportunities to grow; become more entrepreneurial.
  • Get the basics of management right, get our critical systems working effectively and efficiently.
  • Develop and use our network to get more word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Get more from our existing customers, by adding further value to them.
  • Differentiate our products/services more clearly, by packaging them.
  • Develop a ‘sowing seeds’ (soft) strategy to capture customers from competitors, by creating dissatisfaction with their current service providers and by promoting ourselves as a brand to be trusted that brings extra value.

What would your list of development needs look like?


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